Online Banking

Landmark Bank Online Banking offers convenient, flexible and secure access to your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With this free service you can:

  • Access checking, savings and loan account information
  • Verify transactions and reconcile accounts anytime, without waiting for your monthly statement
  • View and print images of your cleared checks
  • Transfer funds between your Landmark Bank accounts
  • Export information into financial management software
  • Pay bills with our Online Bill Payment Service
  • Review the Online Banking Access Agreement of Terms and Conditions.

Bill Pay

Features of the Online Bill Pay Service include:

  • Pay bills
  • One-time or recurring payments
  • View payment history
  • Reviews payments over a specific time period by date or amount
  • View pending payments
  • Verifies payment information
  • Maintain a database of payment recipients
  • Add, delete or modify payees
  • Update personal data
  • Change addresses online


PopMoney® is a convenient online person-to-person payment tool that lets you send, request or receive money from others through Landmark Bank Online Banking Bill Pay service.

  • Pay the babysitter
  • Pay rent to your landlord
  • Collect money from friends for last night's dinner out
  • Send money to your kids away at college
  • Reimburse your colleagues
  • Send a monetary gift
  • Contribute to your favorite charity

With PopMoney, you’ll be able to make good on your I.O.U.’s with ease by issuing payments using only the recipients email address, mobile number or bank account number. The recipient will get a personalized email or text message indicating you’ve sent them money with instructions on how to pick it up. If you are owed money, you can request it from someone the same way and the money will go directly into your account.

Get Started

  • Existing Bill Pay Users: Log in to Landmark Bank Online Banking, select the Bill Payment tab and navigate to PopMoney.
  • Enroll in Bill Pay: To add Bill Pay to an existing Online Account, please contact the Bank.


You must enroll in online banking in order to receive electronic statements. Click here to enroll. Follow each prompt until you see the one for estatement.

NOTE: If you are an existing online banking user but declined the estatement option during enrollment you may still enroll. Please log in and click the options tab located at the top of the page. The estatement option should appear. Please contact Account Services at 225-683-3371 for assistance if needed.

Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking is an internet based service that delivers the convenience of online banking to your mobile device. Mobile Banking allows you to perform banking related transactions from your phone 24/7. 

How Do I Enroll

Mobile Banking enrollment is completed through Online Banking. Choose "Profile" then "Mobile" then "Enrollment".

Mobile Check Deposit

It’s fast, easy and secure.

Mobile Deposit allows customers to deposit checks to their Landmark Bank checking and/or savings accounts using the camera on their smartphone or tablet!

  • $5,000 check deposit limit
  • $10,000 daily deposit limit
  • Endorse the check using the example below:

    John Doe (Your Name)
    For Mobile Deposit Only
    Landmark Bank
    123456 (Account Number)

  • Checks deposited and received for processing by the Bank before 3:30 pm CST Monday through Friday are typically available within two business days, except for Federal holidays.

To Get Ready

  • Enroll in online banking (if not already)
  • Download our Landmark Bank app from the App Store or Google Play (if you have not already done so)

Notifi - Real-Time Alerts

Know what's happening with your money the moment it occurs. Just set up your alerts and relax.

  • Want to know if your balance drops? An alert is sent instantly
  • Need to know when a deposit is made? You'll find out the moment it happens
  • Want to track when your debit card is used? Each transaction will trigger a notification
  • Choose from a wide variety of alerts
  • Take Action! Use the notification response option to transfer funds on the spot, pay bills or take other actions
  • The Notifications you receive are up to you
  • Help you spot signs of fraud and identity theft
  • Provides the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing the status of your finances

Get Started. It's free.

Notifi Alerts is a free service for Online Banking and Mobile banking users. To setup Alerts:

  1.  Log in to Online Banking
  2.  On the main menu, select Alerts > Account Alerts
  3.  On the Account Alerts page, select the accounts you would like to monitor with alerts 

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